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Of course great things in life are free – like LOVE! And the handy free gifts I have for you here. Enjoy resources for helping you on your LYW journey.

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You can find me frequently speaking and offering programs around the globe. Join these exciting events that support you in loving your work.

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  • Meet David

    The greatest trick the devil ever played was to have us resent the activity we invest the most time in. This site is a stand against the all-too-common experience of work as suffering, boredom or fear. I'm dedicated to work being part of the best of us, an expression of love in the world and an enormous YES! to what’s possible in our lives.

  • The Promise

    On this site and in this community, we seek to discover how work can be an expression of who we are, an exploration of our capabilities and gifts and a contribution to the world.

  • Loving My Work...How?

    This site offers a conscious antidote to the belief that work is not something to like, much less love. Here you have a supportive community for asking questions, thinking out-loud, sharing insight, and furthering your power to love your work.
    So come on in!

  • Thank You

    I want to tell you that you are a great person and what you taught us is wonderful! Thank you very much! I wish you the best of luck in all things! - AP

  • So Helpful

    Thank you for all support on this journey. Very inspiring and so helpful for our professional – and also personal – lives. - JK

  • Greatest Compliment

    It was pleasure to work with you and the greatest compliment I can pay you, my friend, is that you helped me be true to myself , and just be me. - SB

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