I'm David and I'm passionate about Loving Your Work.


Founded by David Firth, this site – and all the offerings that will stem from it – is a conscious antidote to the belief that we are expected to not like, let alone love, our work. The community and resources here are dedicated to the powerful belief that work is part of the best of us, our expression of love in the world and an enormous YES! to what’s possible in our lives.


Have you noticed that when it comes to talking to each other about work, we tend to focus on the What?

‘So, what do you do then, David?’ Well, I’m an author, a coach, a consultant in Progressive Organizational Development and a speaker to audiences large and small around the world.

The social conversation about our work rarely gets into the Why – but the Why is important here. At the deepest, simplest level, I want people to be happy. Yet I have seen that there is way too much suffering, for too many people, concerning their work. What concerns me even more is that, in many quarters, that suffering is accepted as inevitable: we are not expected to like, let alone love, our work.

At the same time, I have witnessed and been a part of people claiming their happiness and transforming it into their reality. All my job labels above are ways of inspiring and supporting people’s happiness, and to contribute to not only their work success, but to their personal success as well, for they are one and the same – even when that objective is not explicit in many of the contracts I have with my corporate clients.


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Like I mentioned, there are social conversations going on all the time about our work. This website is here to spark and foster dynamically new conversations about loving your work, along with applicable tools for effectively manifesting love for your work.

While there are an ever-growing toolbox of resources and information in text, video and audio, the heart of this space is to encourage interactive dialogue. Your participation helps create this and is the first step in claiming your power to create your happiness. So bookmark this site, frequent it, and be a part of our conversations in a variety of ways:



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