When We Say ‘Love Your Work’, what is The Work?

  My wife Keri sent me a video that had me dabbing at my eyes with my handkerchief as I stood in the boarding line for my flight home from Chicago [...]

I Love Donald Trump!

  In my mind, in my ego, where separation dwells, I don’t love Donald Trump at all. Of course. Because of course Donald Trump is a crazy man, a [...]

The Surprising Difference between Your Job and Your Work

  The greatest trick the Devil ever played, to produce the greatest amount of daily stress and frustration in human life, was to separate us from our [...]

Work is Love Made Visible

About 22 years ago, I was walking to lunch with another consultant, Geoff, in the City of London, where we were both engaged to help the IT Department of a [...]

Entrepreneurship, Start Ups and ‘Creating the Extraordinary’: The Fort Collins Start Up Week

I’m delighted to have been asked to be one of the keynote speakers on the launch of the Fort Collins Start Up Week. In that talk, I’ll be sharing my [...]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

This is not my first rodeo, as my Colorado-born wife Keri keeps pointing out. And she’s right. Twenty years ago I was standing in front of business [...]